Securing Your New Home

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Securing Your New Home

There are so many things a new homeowner must consider once they have purchased their new home. The very first thing you should consider is re-keying or changing the locks in your new home. Whether you purchased the home that was a foreclosure, a rent to own, or built from the ground up, the security factor should be the first rung on your ladder to success in making this new place your safest sanctuary.

Rent to own homes have landlords with keys that can gain access to your home and even garage door openers to get in without having to have keys to enter your home. They may have had cleaners and repairmen that they gave out keys to that maintained the property.
Even a home that you had built from the ground up has the potential for dozens of keys floating around out there. Contractors, construction workers, and an endless amount of journeymen may have keys to get into your home during construction and might decide to hang on to those keys to come back at a later date to haul out your belongings, particularly if they felt stiffed after their work has been completed, even if it wasn’t you that didn’t pay them what they thought they deserved.

Re-keying your home can be a simple process if you hire the right locksmith. Only hire licensed and bonded locksmiths.

Re-keying your home can be a do-it-yourself project, but it can be a painstaking process, or you could cause more damage that you’d have to hire a professional to fix after the fact. Re-keying your home means that the locksmith isn’t removing the previous locks, but rather they are changing the tumblers and pins. You should also arrange to have new keys cut to fit the different arrangement of pins and tumblers so that no old keys will ever fit into any of your newly re-keyed locks.

The alternative to re-keying your new home is to replace all of the locks. This is a more expensive process and a bit more time consuming but it is by far the most sure fire way to know that all the locks in your house are all new and will completely repel any disenfranchised persons from coming into your home.

Finally, do not forget the garage door. If there is an automatic garage door opener already installed in the home, be sure to change the frequency on all of the openers because previous owners and workers might have their openers and may try to find any way to gain access into your home if their now defunct keys don’t allow them entry. If there is an outside code panel that opens the garage, be sure to change the code on that as well.

The safety and security of your newest and biggest investment should be a top concern. These steps will help protect you, your family, your valuables, and most importantly – your peace of mind.

Securing Your New Home
by Sami Zarik, Reliable Locksmith Toronto
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