Toronto Locksmith Tips: Being Safe During the Holidays

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Toronto Locksmith Tips: Being Safe During the Holidays

Although all is supposed to be merry and bright during the holidays, it’s a statistical fact that crime rises in burglaries over the course of the gift giving season. It’s important that people are aware of all the options that are available to them to protect themselves, their families, their belongings, and their businesses. We want to be sure you are letting in the desirables and stopping the undesirables from getting in. These tips will help your home and belongings safe all year long:

    • Don’t go onto social media and post that you will be away on vacation. It’s an open invitation to unwanted visitors that know no one is home or in your shop, and they have all the time in the world to raid through your valuables.


    • When you go out shopping, don’t leave newly purchased items in the visible parts of your car, like the seats, where would be thieves can easily see them through the windows. You should always place purchases in the locked trunk of your car when changing every shopping location.


    • During the day, especially during the holidays, it’s important to leave your garage door closed. Burglars can walk into an open garage, even while you are at home, unnoticed and takes tools, supplies, and even your car if you leave the keys in it while it’s parked. Many garage door manufacturers have developed keypads with locks so that burglars can’t just drive around with a modified garage door opener and get lucky. These locks have both external and internal keypads.


    • Having a security system is a great choice, but it isn’t always a deterrent for burglaries. Both commercial and residential locksmiths can install an electric lock device.  They work like any lock, only they are not manually applied. The mechanism that locks and unlocks the door is run through electronics, but they can be opened with either a key or through a code on a keypad. The beauty of electric locks is that they cannot be overridden by manual lock picking tools or brute force. They are wired electronically; therefore any forced entry will require a rewiring of the system. This task is beyond the scope of all but the most sophisticated lock pickers, and even they will have a tough job to do. Only your code or key will unlock the deadbolt, and in some cases when the wrong code is attempted more than twice, an alarm will sound.


    • Residential locksmiths can also install additional locks, such as night latches, not to be confused with a slide chains, because they are much stronger and durable. They are mounted on your door and on the door frame and nothing short of bulldozing down the door will be the only way to get it open.

Most important to remember is to use a licensed and bonded locksmith. Some savvy people out there will pose as locksmiths just so they know the vulnerabilities to get into your home at a later date. There are plenty of quick and easy ways to verify a great residential or commercial locksmith. As a responsible home or business owner, the best tip for the safety of yourself and your belongings, is to do your homework before you hire any professional.


Toronto Locksmith Tips: Being Safe During the Holidays
by Sami Zarik, Reliable Locksmith Toronto
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